Location: Icon Lounge, 402 N. Main Ave., Sioux Falls, SD


OTA’s final event was a success!

The OTA Finale served as the culmination of seven years of conversation and inspiration for and among the creatives and community builders of South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. This mighty celebration was a weekend full of presentations, inspiration, music, screenings, spoken word, drinks and dancing and merriment. It was perfect.

The festivities began with a film screening of “The Closing of Alco Store 208,” a documentary by Minnesota filmmaker Christian Jensen.

Then, the main conference featured keynote speaker Jeremy Cowart, a moving artist, photographer and passionate creative whose work currently focuses on humanitarian and community projects, See University and The Purpose Hotel.

The afternoon also included spoken word poet Sarah Kay, a delightful and charming writer best known for  her breakout poem “B.” She since has released an intimate collection of poetry titled “No Matter the Wreckage” and signed autographs for our attendees with her book, “The Type.”

Designer Eames Demetrios joined us in South Dakota for a big weekend that included an installation in Milbank, South Dakota, before presenting a workshop during our Saturday event. He is the grandson of Charles and Ray Eames and the director of the Eames Office.

Other exciting presentations included vivacious and loving standout regional creative Amos Kolbo; and podcaster Starlee Kine, who is the creator and host of the podcast Mystery Show. We ended our afternoon with a fantastic presentation and performance from Canadian musical duo Choir! Choir! Choir! They capped off our event perfectly as we all sang together, “Hallelujah.”

Thank you to all of our attendees for making the choice and taking the time to be there with us on this special occasion. And thank you for being a part of the past seven years.