After seven years of events, experiences and experiments, it’s time.

We’re closing OTA on November 15, 2016.

Yet, I have never been more excited about what the future holds for OTA – as a region filled with talent and as an organization. We’ve recently completed a regional trailblazer program; a major regional partnership; a gallery exhibition; a conversation-fueled tour of six communities; and our final large-scale event is on Nov. 12. We can’t even believe it!

OTA is going out with a bang. And we hope you can join us in this mighty celebration!

Hugh Weber,

About our final event
The OTA Finale will be November 11-12 at Icon Lounge, a WEEKEND worth of celebrations! And we hope you will join us! Speakers will include photographer Jeremy Cowart, designer Eames Demetrios, poet Sarah Kay, comedian Reggie Watts, podcaster Starlee Kine and magician Kyle Marlett. Click here to read more about the presentations we’ve packed in. We can’t wait for this special event, it already means so much to us. And it would mean even more if you could be there, too. This is it!

Click here for tickets!