Our community is well-known for its thriving healthcare industry, and DocuTAP in Sioux Falls is taking an innovative approach to urgent care practices — in the region and across the world. The electronic medical record software company is based downtown and helps providers efficiently manage patient care. At the helm is founder and CEO Eric McDonald. As we continue to spotlight ambitious talent in Sioux Falls, we are thrilled to introduce to you a community builder who embraces the quality of life here while maintaining a bold vision for the urgent care industry. Meet Eric McDonald.

Name: Eric McDonald

How can people connect with you? (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Website):

Twitter: @EricAtDocuTAP

Facebook (business): https://www.facebook.com/DocuTAP

Website: http://docutap.com/ 

Where do you live now? Where do you call home? Sioux Falls.

Give us a behind-the-scenes look at your average day. 

I’m either on an airplane or in the gym at 5:45 a.m. When I’m in the office, I typically have a full day of meetings focused on product, client satisfaction and sales. Evenings are all about wrangling our five kids. 

What projects are you currently working on, both in your career as well as hobbies or passions? 

Between raising a large family and leading a company that is growing at 60 percent, I unfortunately have little time for hobbies.

What challenge in your life or work are you most interested in overcoming? 

It would be great to get to a point where I could balance spending more time with family and less on work, but I wonder if that’s in my DNA.

If you could do any job, what would you do and why? 

Quite honestly, I’m doing it. This is it. I do wish I had more time to talk with our team members and do little, unexpected things for them like serve them coffee in the mornings. I’m blessed to love what I do.

What’s your desert island album/book/TV show/movie (answer one or all)?:

Book: the Bible — It’s filled with stories of God redeeming broken people.

Since you live in one of the OTA states:

•    Why do you choose to live here? The quality of life is second to none. It’s slower paced, and there are more authentic people. The workforce has a better work ethic. Plus, when you go through hard times (January and February), it makes you appreciate the good times (June through October).

•    What is the most beneficial aspect of living in the region when it comes to your career? A 15 minute commute aids in work-life balance. And, our Midwestern team members are incredibly authentic, which allows me to have more trust in them.  

•    What’s one thing you would change about the OTA region? The climate. And, it feels as if the two challenges we continue to face are attracting more talent and increasing accessibility to our region (flights). Sioux Falls has done a better job in the accessibility department.

•    What’s one thing that most people don’t know about the OTA region? Our quality of life and the people who live here are under-appreciated. Both remain hidden gems.

Where do think good ideas come from? Most of the things that have made DocuTAP successful are not my ideas, they are pieces of other people’s ideas. Surrounding yourself with those who have great ideas is key. Then, it’s a matter of execution. Ideas don’t necessarily matter, execution does.

What’s one current trend you think will change the world? Urgent care clinics are changing how health care is delivered. Health care is driven by the retail experience, and it’s impacting the globe. Right now, we’re talking with folks in Ghana, South Africa and Eastern Europe.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self? My 18-year-old self wasn’t smart enough to take advice, and he had to learn the hard way. 

Who is the most creative person in your life and why? Our marketing director Dusty Schroeder. He does an amazing job coming up with fresh, crazy ideas.

Who is the most connected person in your life, and what personal characteristics make him or her so well-connected? Our VP of Sales and Marketing Kimber Severson. Her personality is so inviting. People want to be part of her life, and she wants to be part of theirs. She fights hard to never burn a bridge and always leave people better than how she first met them. 

Who is the most community-focused person in your life, and how do they impact their communities? Phill Tague, our pastor at Ransom church. He’s made it his mission to impact the downtown community, particularly broken people. 

At what intersection do you live your life? (ex: creativity and community, humor and humanity, art and athletics) Seeking perfection and extending grace.

What’s the best way to put inspiration into action? Live it, be an example, and do it yourself. If I can’t live it, I can’t expect others to be inspired.

Who do you hope to leave a legacy for? Anyone who’s life I’ve touched.

Who’s one regional writer/artist/leader/entrepreneur we should pay attention to? Brian Gramm, the founder of Peppermint Energy.

What’s the greatest risk you’ve taken? Taking investors’ money, specifically my father-in-law’s.

What’s your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it? Can’t be disclosed at this time. Ask me again in three years!