Marc is an artist in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and creates the free publication Skullmore with fellow artist Les Cotton.

City/Town: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Who is your community? 

My community is made up of several like-minded artists. This is not limited to just visual arts. Musicians, writers and other creatives make up my community.

Give us a behind-the-scenes look at your average day.

My wife and I are foster parents. So a good part of my day involves spending time with her and the kiddos. On a typical day, I will drop them off at daycare and then head to work. I’m a full-time production artist at Dakota Lettering. After work, I pick up the kids. We spend time together as a family. After the kids go to bed, I can start working on freelance stuff. (On a good day, this happens around 8pm.) I work late into the night, catch a few Z’s, and start over again.

What challenge in your life or work are you most interested in overcoming?

I would like to support my family with my art.

If you could do any job, what would you do and why?

A job where I draw all day.

What is the most beneficial aspect of living in the OTA region when it comes to your career?

The community that values collaboration over competition.

At what intersection do you live your life?

I live at the intersection of Skull and More.

Where do you think good ideas come from?

Hard work. I believe that the first idea is rarely the best solution.

What’s one current trend you think will change the world?

Doing things for reasons other than monetary gain.

What’s the best way to put inspiration into action?

Go for it. An idea stays an idea until you make it a reality.

What’s the greatest risk you’ve taken?

Starting Skullmore. Making a publication free to the public isn’t too risky. But the fact that Les Cotton and I never make a dime off of it is. Putting a lot of hours into something and knowing you’re never getting paid for it can be tough. But ultimately, that is the way Skullmore needs to be. A labor of love.

What’s your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?

There have been times where I’ve said “yes” to too many things. I learned that you can’t do it all. So choose wisely.

Who do you hope to leave a legacy for?

I would like to encourage others to pursue their passions.

Who is the most connected person in your life, and what personal characteristics make him or her so well-connected?

In my book, there isn’t a clear winner. The creative community helps each other out. Need a screen printer? Here are four people who do that. Want to get your band a gig? Talk to Dan at Total Drag.

The more you contribute to the community, the more you get out of it.

Who is the most creative person in your life, and why?

Les Cotton always impresses me. He is constantly evolving as an artist. The graphic design work he does influences his personal work. And vice-a-versa. Skullmore wouldn’t exist without his art direction. Whether he knows it or not, he makes me try to be a better artist.

Who is the most community-focused person in your life, and how do they impact their communities?

Dan and Liz Nissen from Total Drag. They’ve done so much for local music and culture. Making shows all-ages was something Sioux Falls desperately needed. By bringing great live acts in Sioux Falls, younger kids are inspired to start their own bands. This has branched out into other creative endeavors. There a kids making posters for concerts, T-shirts for bands and other awesome things. Dan and Liz were also supporters of Skullmore back when it was just an idea.

What passion project are you working on right now?

Skullmore, a free publication highlighting all things rad.

This area is full of talented people, and they deserve your attention. Through our zine, we hope to promote as many as possible. Skullmore is created using the tools Les and I have learned in the art and design world. The zine is designed, curated and distributed by us (and a small group of wonderful friends.) Several wonderful sponsors ensure that the zine remains free to the public. Our goal is to get a copy of Skullmore into as many hands as possible. Skullmore Cares.