Renata McCain is the marketing manager at First National Bank in Sioux Falls, a downtown company that has been an incredible sponsor and support system for us at OTA.

Name: Renata (Ren) McCain

How can people connect with you? 

Twitter: @RVHM

Facebook (personal): 

Facebook (business): 

Instagram: @renatamccain


Where do you live now?  Where do you call home?

I live in Brandon, but I grew up in Colton.

Give us a behind-the-scenes look at your average day.

I get up pretty early every day and get to go to a job I love. My job duties are ever-changing, and I love that. When 3:30ish rolls around, I get to go home to the best part of my day, which is being a mom.

What projects are you currently working on, both in your career as well as hobbies or passions?


At work, my team and I are in the process of redesigning some of our debit cards as well as the Community Cards that benefit area schools.

My current personal project is to take at least one picture every day in 2015 so that I can capture a day in my life for an entire year.

What challenge in your life or work are you most interested in overcoming?


The biggest challenge I have at work is trying to better tell the Bank’s story. While we have been a bank longer than South Dakota has been a state, our employees are not just a bunch of stuffy suits.

If you could do any job, what would you do and why?

I would edit some sort of writing, whether that is a book or blog or a website or … I love being able to follow a process to (hopefully) make something better.

What’s your desert island album/book/TV show/movie?

I would take a partially completed journal with me.

Since you live in one of the OTA states:

•    Why do you choose to live here? To be close to family.

•    What is the most beneficial aspect of living in the region when it comes to your career? I’ve only lived and worked here, so I may just be lucky. But, I appreciate our Midwest morals!

•    What’s one thing you would change about the OTA region? The notion that we are not quite as capable as someone who lives on a coast.

Where do think good ideas come from?

Well-framed problems.

What’s one current trend you think will change the world?

Paying it forward.

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Travel more.

Who is the most creative person in your life and why?

Can I pick 2? It would be my kids. Their minds are constantly churning and expanding. I love that!

Who is the most connected person in your life, and what personal characteristics make him or her so well-connected?

Bill Baker as he is so genuine and caring.

Who is the most community-focused person in your life and how do they impact their communities?

I might sound like a broken record, but I’m going to have to say Bill Baker again. Sorry if that’s illegal!

At what intersection do you live your life?

Who cares and oops.

Who are the three people you need to have coffee with when you visit Sioux Falls?

Dick Westhoff, a City of Sioux Falls engineer, and Hugh Weber.

What’s the best way to put inspiration into action?

With incredible passion.

Who’s one regional writer/artist/leader/entrepreneur we should pay attention to?

Bobby and June George.

What’s the greatest risk you’ve taken?