What is OTA?

Hi! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. 

OTA connects and celebrates the creatives who build community in North DakOTA, South DakOTA and MinnesOTA.

We do this through storytelling, curating conversations, building relationships and hosting events that bring together like-minded creatives — each of us unique in our passions yet with enough room to raise one another up, understanding that support will only strengthen our communities.

We believe in the power of respect for hard work that is constantly happening around us, and we want you to join us in that awareness. Once you see what we see, this region will be an even better place to live and work than you’ve ever thought before.

Because of the relationships we help to build, and because of the work we choose to celebrate, the world we live in is more connected and appreciated. We are focused on possibility, opportunity and a more unified, supportive region. As far as what the future looks like, our region is proving its great worth, but OTA is here to step away from the grind and to help you see just how much creative potential is here.

You keep building from your passion, we’ll show you its worth.

After you spend some time with us, our hope is that the work you’ve seen and read is still moving within you. Even hours later, in the middle of your busy days, you can’t help but think about possibility. We hope that our storytelling reminds you that you can make a difference in your community, too, simply by believing in your work, believing in those around you and building from your dreams — right here in the OTA region.

Isn’t that exciting to think about?

If we can continue to make connections in this way, slowly guiding our three bold states to a place of united community-building and united celebration, imagine how familiar and strong OTA’s influence can be.

Let’s get started. Today!